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What Is Intelligence?

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What is Intelligence? There are various theories that try to answer this. There seems to be just as many theories as there are stars in the Universe. None seem to give any accurate explanation for a definition of Intelligence. Albert Einstein … Read More

Bipedalism: The Heart Of Human Intelligence

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Being bipedal certainly gave early hominids an advantage over  other apes. Early in the 20th century scientists theorised, it was the large brain. They still aren’t certain why we began standing upright. As a species, humans have gained an obvious … Read More

Evolution: A Process Of Genetic Change.

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Evolution is the process that favours any genetic change that benefits changing environments. So, changes to DNA or Genes cannot be major rapid changes. Genes are the very foundation of who we are as a species, as a living organism. … Read More

Evolutionary Thinking Through Time

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Evolutionary Thinking Was Not Unique To Darwin’s Time.   Charles Darwin was not the first to come up with an idea of evolution. Evolutionary thinking was not unique to Darwin’s time. By the time On The Origin Of Species: By … Read More