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I’m Bruce Alpine. Welcome to my website. Please feel free to look around. About Bruce AlpineFeedback would be appreciated. Contact and feedback can be made under the Contact tab.

Bruce Alpine an independent writer/publisher, enjoying the full freedom of my written work. Published titles include: A History Of Life On Earth, Distinctly Human: An Evolutionary Journey, TITANIC: The Legend, myths and folklore, Evolution: Work In Progress, in both paperback and eBook format. Including other eBook Titles, available worldwide from the best eBook retailers.

Titles of my paperback and eBooks are available for you to look at and check out. Links are provided to other sites and sources for purchase if you desire. For purchasing convenience, titles of my eBooks can now be purchased directly from this site, by clicking on the  Purchase Direct button on title listings. Upon completion of a sale, you will be emailed a link to download the eBook version of your choice. Either an ePub version which can be used on any eReading app or device. Except Kindle apps and devices. Also included for download is the Mobi version: used on all Kindle apps and devices.

If you are on this page and wish to return to my Homepage. Or, you are on any page and wish to return to my Homepage. Click on my logo at the top left of every page.

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