Human Evolution: that elusive “missing link”

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Humans did not evolve from apes, or any other primate known in the world today. That is a point that needs clarification. No evolutionary biologist scientist or even Charles Darwin ever said they did.

Man evolving from apes was something invented by the religious groups who oppose the evolution concept and refuse to accept evolution as the accepted, standard model that is recognised on how all life has diversified during a very long, slow process over millions of years. Originating from a common ancestor.

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Evolution is the process that favours any genetic change that benefits changing environments. So, changes to DNA or Genes cannot be major rapid changes. Genes are the very foundation of who we are as a species, as a living organism. Such changes can only be a slow, gradual process, taking hundreds of years for the slightest, smallest change to occur.

Take for instance, the very first, true human example found so far. Australopithecus aferensis, generally referred to as Lucy. Lucy is 3 million years old. That’s  well over 300,000 generations from her and you and me. in excess of 300,000 generations of extremely small changes between her, 3 million years ago and us in the modern world. 300,000 generations is a very long time for the small genetic changes or the evolutionary changes that have taken place between the first true human example and modern man.

With such small, slow, drawn out changes over such lengths of time. The general interpretation of a Missing Link is not going to happen. Such a Missing Link, is not going to be found, a missing link of skeletal remains of a half man, half ape is, well. Impossible. Such a missing link does not follow the known laws of evolution.

Modern humans did evolve from a common ancestor of humans and apes, up to 8 to 9 million years ago. What were to become humans followed one evolutionary path and what were to become the various ape species of today followed their own evolutionary paths. That common ancestor has not been found yet, we have no idea what they looked like or how they lived. That elusive common ancestor is what is referred to as The Missing Link. It is not some half man, half monkey or half ape creature

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