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MitochondriaMitochondria are organelles and contain their own DNA. In general, Known as the energy-generating powerhouse of eukaryotes, where metabolism takes place. Also with several other jobs such as oxidation of fatty acids, amino acid metabolism and the assembly of iron-sulphur clusters. They are cemented or bound by two membranes, the innermost being unfolded to form singular that takes characteristic shapes such as paddle, flat or tube shapes.

Mitochondria, is an ancestral characteristic of eukaryotes. Modern Mitochondria contains every bacterial cell known. During reproduction, the mitochondria is passed down through to the offspring by the mother.

A History Of Life On Earth.

Distinctly Human: An Evolutionary Journey.

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The origin of the Eukaryotic cell is considered a milestone for the evolution of life, since they made possible complex cells and multi cellular organisms. After this point many new groups were created, including the divergence of invertebrates and vertebrates, 670 million years ago. From these many groups, it is said that they have evolved to present day organisms.

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