Evolution is no longer a theory. It is the standard model that is recognised on how all life has diversified or changed over the years, originating from a common ancestor. Diversifying into different lineages, then different species and advancing into the modern life we see all over the world today, through natural selection. Favouring any genetic changes that benefit future generations for changing environments.

Distinctly Human, An Evolutionary Journey is the journey from our pre-primate ancestry, through to pre-human ancestry along with other lineages that have come before us. Lineages that have thrived, then died out due to climatic and environmental changes that helped shape the Human of today.

This is finally us, physically the result of three million years of evolutionary change since the first true human species, Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy), over three hundred thousand generations and eight million years since the first primate ancestor. We are now fully human.

Distinctly Human, An Evolutionary Journey follows that journey. The journey that made us, Distinctly Human.

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