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As the pride of White Star Line - RMS Titanic sank beneath the surface of the freezing North-Atlantic Ocean, the story of Titanic was born. That story has become full of stories within itself. Full of myths.

Many of the myths included in the Titanic story have been realized and many questions answered since the wreck site was discovered on September 1, 1985. Unfortunately, stories that have been retold over the generations have clouded over what really happened, making the Titanic story a legend, full of myths and folklore.

The story of Titanic, deserves to be told, without the myths and folklore that have persisted over the generations. The Titanic story includes real events, real people. Good people who had to be mourned. Others who’s entire lives were severely effected by the events of the night of 14-15 April, 1912.

Titanic: the Legend, Myths and Folklore, attempts to unravel those stories that overtime has created the legend, attempting to present the actual accounts of the Titanic disaster, while pointing out the myths and folklore that persist in literature written since 1912 and the movies that insist on including the myths to present a more interesting story that is, Titanic.

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